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A Digital Consulting, Brisbane-based digital consulting, who specialise in software and app development. We are behind the pretty apps and online buzzing. Our team of software and digital experts are experienced in custom software, mobile apps and business applications and work behind the scenes to deliver kick ass apps and complex systems to all of our clients.


At April9, we believe in delivering the best kick ass technology in the market. From core to surface, we provide our clients with fast, friendly and quality service. Our aim is to design and develop world-class tech experiences to ensure the end result will be useful, reliable and reusable.

We believe in teamwork and creating a culture of passionate humans, who combine creativity and intelligence to deliver the best in software & systems integration. Our unique capability to grow or shrink our teams quickly makes us stand out from the rest.

Our focus is on the user experience and end-to-end development cycles is in our DNA. We love to solve problems to deliver the best solutions needed for your business and thrive on data analysis. Our journey has only just begun.

Our true colours

And that’s how we use our backgrounds


That’s how I look on a pink background

By covering every aspect of the development cycle: from conceptualization, business analysis and prototyping to development, quality assurance and deployment, we help clients with big needs for their business applications, operations and mission critical systems. Our aim is to design and develop world-class tech experiences for all of our clients.

Our iconography

At April9 we thrive on being proud of our work, and that includes the small details. We are made of complex systems and processes, so it only makes sense to have a pack of icons that visualise how kick-ass our services are and what we can offer you.

Using our logo

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Before you go

April9 is a brand that celebrates how dynamic and evolving the digital world is. And based on that we are always creating new assets, new ways of communicating who we are and how we work.

When using its brand, make sure you are having fun and that is portraited in your new work.

Hope you enjoy 😉

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